Prison Networks


Working to expose and end abuses inside the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.


If you know someone in need of assistance inside TDCJ, please contact Jimmy Ferguson at


Corey John Richardson, MPAS, MBA is a former clinician, award-winning writer, and trail-blazing activist who writes about his ten years on the inside, prison health care and rehabilitation, corrections, the criminal justice system, sobriety, psychology, sexuality, communications, and much more…


It is our mission to protect the rights of women in Florida state prisons, cooperatively working for justice to improve the conditions of confinement, to free those wrongly convicted and to work with attorneys that specialize in clemency and parole for those who deserve their freedom. We are a grassroots organization mobilizing to change the criminal justice system in the United States however we are not lawyers and we are not qualified to provide direct legal assistance.


Women Behind The Wall

The only show in the nation for, by and about incarcerated women. The moving and compelling stories on how they got there and why so many deserve their freedom.


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