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Report Shows Even More Evidence Of The Misuse Of Solitary Confinement

WASHINGTON — A report released this week by the Vera Institute of Justice, a nonpartisan nonprofit based in New York, provides yet more evidence of the misuse of solitary confinement. The researchers add to a growing body of evidence that … Continue reading

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Baby Dies in Jail After Mother Was Forced to Give Birth in Solitary With No Help: Lawsuit

Free Thought Project – “The plaintiff, Nicole Guerrero alleges in legal documents that: “Wichita County denied (her) access to reasonable medical care … ignored her obvious signs of labor and constant requests for medical assistance, failed to conduct a physical … Continue reading

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Solitary Confinement: No Way Out of the Monster Factory

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No Place For Children

Please sign (and share!) the petition on

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Petition | California State Assembly: Pass SB 61 to Limit Solitary Confinement of Youth in California |

Dear Friends, We urge you to take a moment for California’s youth. One final hurdle remains for passage of Senate Bill 61, a bill to limit the harmful practice of placing young people in solitary confinement in California. Your support … Continue reading

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Spirituality In Dark Places

Spirituality in Dark Places explores the spiritual consequences and ethics of modern solitary confinement. Jeffreys emphasizes how solitary confinement damages our spiritual lives, focusing particularly on how it destroys our relationship to time and undermines our creativity. Solitary inmates experience … Continue reading

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Colo. governor orders audit of sentence records as Investigators search for links in three killings

By Erica Goode and Dan Frosch  |  NEW YORK TIMES      APRIL 05, 2013  When Tom Clements, the head of Colorado’s prison system, was shot to death at his front door last month, the killing seemed a planned assassination … Continue reading

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Former juvenile prisoner fights against locking away teens in solitary confinement

Rock Center Teens held in adult jails and prisons are often kept in solitary confinement for their own protection. On Friday’s edition of Rock Center, Ted Koppel investigated the mental health risks of solitary confinement on teenagers. Ted Koppel sat … Continue reading

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Sacramento hearing exposes CDCR’s hidden agenda on Solitary Confinement

By Denise Mewbourne San Francisco Bay View Almost two years later, the ripple effect of the 2011 hunger strike organized by the Short Corridor Collective in Pelican Bay prison continues to reverberate throughout California. In protest of solitary confinement torture in … Continue reading

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FBOP To Review Solitary Confinement Conditions

On the surface this seems like a positive step in the right direction…but the slightly snarky side of me can’t help but wonder if allowing an agency of the Bureau of Prisons to investigate the actions of the BOP isn’t … Continue reading

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A Diary Of Solitary

This is an excerpt from prisoner’s request for help that came to us (my husband and I) a couple of years ago. We managed to verify from outside sources and get corroboration from other inmates inside on all of the … Continue reading

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State Bar Calls for Restrictions on Long-Term Use of Solitary Confinement

From ALBANY, NY (01/25/2013)(readMedia)– Citing strong evidence that demonstrates long-term negative impacts of housing inmates in solitary confinement, the New York State Bar Association today called for significant cutbacks in the use of long-term inmate isolation and new protocols for … Continue reading

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Twelve Years In Solitary & Still In “Legal Limbo”

Via Solitary Watch – Paul Rogers has spent more than 4,300 consecutive days – over 12 years –  locked behind a solid steel door in the bowels of a Pennsylvania prison. He spends twenty-four hours a day in isolation, occasionally … Continue reading

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Survivors Manual: Surviving In Solitary

A manual written by and for people living in control units.  The federal penitentiary in Marion, Illinois, went on permanent lock down in 1983. This created the first “control unit.” Now, in addition to the federal government, some forty states have … Continue reading

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