Deputy Assaults Shackled Prisoner , Judge Files Complaint , DA’s Office Declines Prosecution


Denver Deputy Slams Shackled Inmate Into Courtroom Wall

” A Denver sheriff’s deputy is appealing a 30-day suspension he was given after he slammed a handcuffed inmate into a wall during a hearing before a judge in 2012. Anthony Waller was handcuffed when he appeared before a judge to face domestic violence charges on Sept. 11, 2012.

  The hearing was recorded by surveillance cameras and posted online by the Colorado Independent. In the video, Waller can be heard asking the judge, “The investigation should come first and then the arrest?” He then looks back and that’s when Deputy Brad Lovingier grabbed Waller by the waist and slammed him head first into a wall.”

   The Denver prosecutor’s office declines prosecution of a filmed assault and the authorities wonder why they are losing public support ? The blue wall includes the brown shoe and that reveals that their mentality is “the public be…

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