Albert Woodfox iz being stripped of justice by prison officialz

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Jasmine Heiss

Albert Woodfox will take the stand at a courthouse in Baton Rouge Wednesday morning (Nov. 13). His testimony will cover the most recent chapter in what has become four decades of a nightmare behind bars. Mr. Woodfox, 66, has spent 23 hours a day in a 6- by 9-foot cell for more than 40 years.

Angola Three member Albert Woodfox is asking a judge to re-enforce rules surroung strip and cavity searches of inmates in Louisiana’s prisons.

These are conditions of prolonged solitary confinement, years in a cage with little meaningful human contact and no access to rehabilitation programs. This treatment is cruel, inhumane and degrading. Since March, the Louisiana corrections department has compounded this nightmare by subjecting Mr. Woodfox to invasive strip and cavity searches every time he leaves his cell – when he goes to see the doctor, gets a haircut or uses…

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