Free Herman Wallace, purveyor of ‘Black Pantherism,’ fighting to the death

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by Wanda Sabir

Herman Wallace
Herman Wallace

As I write this, Herman Wallace (born Oct. 13, 1941), stalwart revolutionary for the cause of justice, lies with advanced liver cancer in hospice in a Louisiana state prison. Amazing that even in his final hours, minutes, seconds, days, the Louisiana judicial system which has already conceded to bail will not set it and let the man at least have a taste of freedom. Herman is not dead. In fact, Robert King, the only free member of the Angola 3, says his comrade, 71, rallied his energies for a deposition just this week.


In July this year, Amnesty International called for Herman’s release, just as it has been campaigning on behalf of the human rights violations inherent in the extended solitary confinement of both Herman Wallace and Albert Woodfox. The length of Wallace’s captivity shows how sometimes what is urgent is not…

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