Oregon Demandz – Taken Hostage: And My Captorz Expect Me To What?

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Here are the demands of Oregon prisoners who will be going on strike starting
tomorrow, July 8th.
The handwritten document was keyboarded by Karl at Kersplebedeb..

Taken Hostage: And My Captors Expect Me To Do What?

by David Carr #11818281

We are being held in solitary confinement and the State compels us to reveal personal questions or be held in isolation indefinitely. They call this bi-weekly interrogation “programming” where we’re forced to reveal our most personal information to our captors “the State”, knowing that this information can and will be used against us. They give us “packets” containing personal questions such as “Describe a specific incident where you completely lost control of yourself and lashed out in anger.” I’ll give an example where this question was used…


Daniel Lunsford #11360357 a Native American who is housed next door to me in Oregon’s IMU as I write this…

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