Prison Hunger Strikes from Guantánamo Bay to Pelican Bay to Pelican Bay Show That Our ‘Justice’ System Is Out of Control

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Obama’s unique brand of legalism allows abuses like Gitmo’s hunger strikers to fade away under the lovely veneer of civility and the call for sensibleness.

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June 24, 2013  |

For the prisoners of the Pelican Bay Short Corridor Collective who will resume their hunger strike on July 8, 2013

The unholy spectacle of Guantánamo Bay again demands our attention. The military has now admitted that 104 of the remaining 166 prisoners there are on hunger strike. Forty-four are being force-fed. No matter that doctors are sworn to the maintenance of personal and medical ethics. They are determined to carry out what officials there have called “intensified assisted feeding” no matter the pain or indignity. Our Defense Department justifies this practice by assuring us that its aim is “to support the preservation of life by appropriate clinical means, in a humane manner.”

As we all know…

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