Prison visits: They still actin’ like Hoover

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by Keelo Jenkins

California Code of Regulations Title 15, as well as the Departmental Operations Manual, CDCR’s rules – or self-governing laws – states: “These regulations are made in recognition and consideration of the value of inmate visitation as a means of increasing safety in prisons, maintaining family and community connections, and preparing inmates for successful release and rehabilitation (Section 3170(a)).”

Prison visit through glass
It’s bad enough for a visitor to be separated from her loved one by 6 inches of glass, but to be forced to endure a strip search is criminal.

But yet CDCR’s reputed abuse of its own discretion is discouraging visits from family members, friends and, moreover, potential wives and girlfriends. This abuse is practiced throughout California’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. They deliberately send you to a prison a great distance away from your home. My family lives in Oakland and the greater Bay Area. Yet…

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