Speak no evil, See no evil, Hear no evil

ex-conned: getting dumb on crime

For years, centuries, eons, people did not believe or want to believe that a subatomic world beyond the reach of our senses existed.  Sometimes this was simply due to the fact that this quantum reality was something we couldn’t readily perceive in our own everyday landscapes.  Other times it may have simply been the lack of technology that would have allowed us to access to these mysterious realms.  Or, willful ignorance.  Or, even political/religious/aesthetic motivations (think something along the lines of the Copernican revolution, Leonard Peltier, Van Gogh, and such).

hear, see, speak no evil - by ~shadowmarim

But simply because we don’t believe something exists or exists, such as say, systematic and institutional injustice or an economically bloated and ravenous prison-industrial complex, doesn’t make it so.  There’s no abracadabra-ing these things away in our country today.  They exist.  They are part of the fabric of our so-called democracy.  Hopefully in this blog we can start…

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