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Some have been there 11 and a half years with 90% facing no charges because there is no evidence to use against them. 45 million has been requested for another building so a crony company can make some more money. Some of these guys have been on hunger strike since Feb. 6th and the number is up to 26 officially reported by the administration but it is probably more. The military has shut down access to the black site prison so their lawyers can’t report their condition back to the world.


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  1. moorbey says:

    Gitmo waz supposed to closing down yet they just got funding 4 repairz.Obama fooled u once and he fooled u all a second time around. The joke used to be a white man in black face and now tha script haz been flipped on that azz white black man in white face…….

    • MisBehaved Woman says:

      Sad thing is that if Obama could run yet again, I still know people who would fall for the joke again. Ugh!

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