I’m sure it is really * therapeutic* to be locked up in cages smaller than those at the local animal shelter…that photo along ought to shame this country. Bunch of immoral, incompetent and heartless bastards running CDCr…

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by Mutope Duguma, Sitawa N. Jamaa, Abdul O. Shakur and Sondai K. Dumisani

Gov. Brown has declared that the prison crisis that allowed prisoners to die is over and that prisoners are receiving good care. His words, not ours.

It is obvious that the governor has not produced any data that supports his claim. Furthermore, the governor is deliberately misinforming the public, because he and the officials of CDCr – the secretary and undersecretary – are arbitrarily choosing not to provide the public with adequate information that pertains to the incompetence that continues to endanger prisoners by murdering them through direct medical neglect and incompetence.

Prisoners in cages await group therapy, Mule Creek State Prison, photo from U.S. District Court briefings
In this photo taken as part of federal litigation over California prison conditions, prisoners await a group therapy session at Mule Creek State Prison. How could being confined in tiny cages dissuade prisoners from committing suicide? – Photo filed in U.S. District Court briefings

We prisoners have read…

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    Good lookin out on tha repost of this article and tha photo sayz a hellva whole lot witout saying a word.

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    Hey. Moorbey nominated DeafInPrison.com for the Dragon’s Loyalty award, and we’ve passed the honor along. You’ve been nominated, so go here to accept: http://deafinprison.wordpress.com/2013/03/24/moorbey-puts-us-up-for-dragons-loyalty-award/

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