Criminal Injustice

Clarence Elkins was an innocent man in prison, falsely accused of murdering his mother-in-law and assaulting his niece. He served six and a half years in an Ohio prison before he was exonerated in December of 2005. In the years he was incarcerated, he was placed in “protective custody”– solitary– on three different occasions, the rational behind each confinement more ridiculous than the last.

Last June, the Senate Judiciary Committee held the first ever hearing on solitary confinement and the human rights issues (namely the violation of the 8th amendment) inherent within. I worked with Clarence to draft a written submission of his experiences to be read before the committee. His stories are painful to hear, not because he was an innocent man who was subjected to the torture of solitary, but simply because he was a human being subjected to the torture of solitary.

While imprisoned in Lucasville…

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