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BREAKING:  Political and Vegan Prisoners United In Hunger Strike

Dickerson Detention Facility & Wayne County Jail, Michigan, U.S.A. – February 22, 2013

“You can jail the revolutionary.  You can’t jail the revolution.” – Fred Hampton     


For our various actions in defense of the animals, the earth, or oppressed minorities, we are behind bars while the criminals who run this country are free to torture animals, rape the planet and jail dissenters with impunity. We are the prisoners of conscience and the state needs to silence us.  They lock us in these cells to isolate us from the apathetic and complacent masses to allow their corruption to flourish unimpeded.


But we will never be silenced.  From behind bars, we will unite our respective struggles, we will recruit and multiply, and from the bowels of their system, our armies…

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