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Greetings friends, Please take the time to call Snake River Prison in Oregon. I just received this letter from his friend and know this to be a serious situation. Much thanks, PS if you can call please send Rashid (Kevin Johnson) a post card or letter, expressing your concern & Solidarity. Paulette National Sec Jericho
I have not heard from Rashid for about two weeks, which is  surprising, because he normally sends me 2 or 3 letters a week, sometimes  for other prisoners. I just received a letter written Feb. 11, at Rashid’s  request, by another Snake River prisoner, Corey Freiberg (#15863498).  Corey’s letter begins as follows (edited for spelling etc):
“This is about Rashid. We need a lot of help. They are trying  to kill him. On Jan. 31 they put something in his food that made him crazy. On  Feb. 2 he took 30 pills. They…

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