FBOP To Review Solitary Confinement Conditions

On the surface this seems like a positive step in the right direction…but the slightly snarky side of me can’t help but wonder if allowing an agency of the Bureau of Prisons to investigate the actions of the BOP isn’t a little bit like letting a dog sniff its own ass and decide if it smells bad..?

Excerpt, Solitary Watch “On Monday, the office of Illinois Senator Dick Durbin put out the following press release, announcing that the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) had agreed to submit to a review of its solitary confinement practices…

…In 2010, a spokesperson for the BOP said that federal prisons held approximately 11,150 prisoners in some form of segregated “special housing.” This figure includes the 400 men held in ultra-isolation at the U.S. Penitentiary Administrative Maximum (ADX) in Florence, Colorado, which is currently the target of federal lawsuits claiming conditions there lead to mental illness and suicide, and violate the Constitution.

The planned review follows on the first-ever Congressional hearing on solitary confinement, held last June by a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee chaired by Durbin. It is described as a “comprehensive and independent assessment,” though it will be carried out by the National Institute of Corrections, which is an agency of the BOP…” Full Article


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