No Place For Children

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Prison Soy Diet Lawsuit Updates

Information and updates on the statuses of the prisoner soy diet lawsuits in Illinois and Florida -

Illinois -

Judge Gives Green Light to Soy Lawsuit

A pdf. link that lists all of the actions taken in the lawsuit so far -

 Harris v. Brown, et al


Florida -

Florida prisoner’s lawsuit calls soy meals ‘cruel and unusual’ punishment

“Florida inmates or taxpayers wishing to participate in the lawsuit should contact the Weston A. Price Foundation at”



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Thank you, 60,000 times, from Pamela Smart’s team of supporters

Originally posted on Pamela Smart:

We had nearly 60,000 page-views of in August, and many offers of support and help.  Thank you!

If you are new to this site, please read as much of it as you can.  If you would like to make contact with Pamela Smart, her family and her supporters, please contact Dr. Eleanor Pam through email.

We urge you to see the HBO documentary film, CAPTIVATED The Trials of Pamela Smart.  It does not advocate for guilt or innocence, but does examine the many irregularities of Pamela Smart’s trial, the role of the media in the trial verdict, and the unfairness of the sentencing.

And we urge you to sign the petition on, addressed to the New Hampshire governor and executive council, seeking a sentence reduction, commutation, or parole for Pamela Smart.

If you have other questions about this site you may address them to our webmaster.

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Prison guards not trained for mental problems: union

Originally posted on Global News:

SASKATOON – The president of the union that represents Canadian prison guards says they are not being properly trained to deal with inmates who have mental health issues.

Kevin Grabowsky of the Union of Canadian Correctional Officers says it’s a growing problem, pointing to the case of 43-year-old Marlene Carter.

She was recently sentenced to an additional two years at the Regional Psychiatric Centre in Saskatoon for 17 charges from assaults to peace officers and medical officials.

READ MORE: Court declares mentally ill female prisoner not a dangerous offender

Court was told that Carter spends 23 hours a day in solitary confinement strapped to a bed because otherwise she repeatedly bangs her head against the walls of her cell at a rate that can reach 150 times in a couple of minutes.

Officials with the Elizabeth Fry Society, a prisoner advocacy group, say Carter is severely mentally ill and needs…

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Extreme Sentencing Laws Are Not Smart

Originally posted on 4JusticeNow:

ACLU – Extreme sentencing laws have pushed the number of people in American jails and prisons to over 2.3 million — with more than half imprisoned for nonviolent crimes. These unnecessarily long sentences have led to bloated, overcrowded prisons and wasted billions of taxpayer dollars that could be better invested in our communities. 

Right now, we have a unique opportunity to rein in mass incarceration for people in the federal system. Congress members on both sides of the aisle have joined together in support of the Smarter Sentencing Act — a bill that could roll back some extreme federal mandatory minimum sentences.

If thousands of us put pressure on our congress members, we can reduce draconian sentencing laws that tear apart families.

Take action now: ask Congress to roll back federal mandatory minimum sentencing laws by scheduling and passing the Smarter Sentencing Act – before they leave for home…

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Huge Jail Serves as Nation’s Largest Mental Health Care Provider

Originally posted on Social Action:

Chicago’s Cook County Jail holds around 10,000 inmates, making it the largest jail in the United States. It’s also the nation’s largest mental health care provider, with an estimated 30 percent of inmates there diagnosed with a mental health disorder. RT Correspondent Liz Wahl takes you inside the jail that struggles to care for psychiatric patients amid overcrowding and limited resources.

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Central Park Five” – Wrongful Conviction: Defendant Speaks Out

Originally posted on Social Action:

Richard French Live’s Dominic Carter speaks with Raymond Santana, one of the “Central Park Five” about his experience with the wrongful conviction he suffered.

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Get 16-Year-Old Trans Girl “Jane Doe” Out Of Prison!

Originally posted on 4JusticeNow: – “A 16-year-old transgender girl in Connecticut has been incarcerated in an adult men’s prison for nearly a month — and she still hasn’t been charged or convicted of a single crime.

“Jane Doe” was living in a home for traumatized youth when authorities claim she attacked a staffer. But no criminal charges are even pending against her.

Instead, the teen has suffered in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT for weeks without treatment or educational training  — and instead of letting her go, the Department of Correction wants to send her to a men’s prison where she’ll be at high risk of abuse and sexual assault!

Please, join us in calling on Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy to release “Jane Doe” from prison and return her to state custody, placing her in a juvenile facility with kids of her gender if the state still plans to press charges!”


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